One of the most important features of getting Turkish citizenship:

✅ The possibility of traveling and staying in Turkey at any time and any time without problems in the procedures, documents and integration into the Turkish society and obtaining all the rights and benefits that the Turkish citizen enjoys.

✅ The possibility of traveling and entering about 72 countries around the world without the need of a visa, including Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Qatar…

✅ Ensuring opportunities to get work in Turkey whether in the government or private sectors without the need to get a work permit as happens with the arrivals.

✅ The possibility of traveling to about 42 countries around the world with a quick visa issued to Turkish citizen upon arrival, such as Kuwait, Bahrain and South Africa.

✅ The holder of the Turkish citizenship is entitled to a visa for 7 countries directly online and is in his place.

✅ The possibility of entering the Turkish investment world, especially real estate investments, whether by buying or renting, in addition to that the possibility of small projects, economic, agricultural or tourism, and all areas with guaranteed profits.

✅ Turkish citizenship allows citizens to benefit from the pension law, which is applied after the age of 60, which is the legal age. Contact us on the following link if you want to know more about real estate investment in Turkey-Istanbul.