Turkish nationality of more than 5,000 investors

Turkish nationality of more than 5,000 investors

Turkish nationality is shared by more than 5,000 foreign investors, according to the Ministry of Interior, following legal amendments that facilitated the requirements for obtaining citizenship for investors.

Which was approved a year ago. This is expected to reflect positively both on investors and the Turkish economy.

Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylo told Anatolia news agency on Friday that applications for citizenship by investors were on the rise.

Some 5,111 investors have obtained citizenship so far, while 9,000 applications are being processed.

There are 1,382 investors who have completed the citizenship process, but have not yet received it, Suilo said.

$1.7 billion worth of investments

Investors who have acquired citizenship have so far made $1.7 billion in investments in the country.

Once the 1,382 investors have received their nationalities, they will make additional investments of $407 million, according to Suilo, who confirmed that once the 1,382 investors have received their nationalities, they will make additional investments of $407 million.

The minister concluded that if the number of people who have not yet completed their applications is added, the total value of investments made by foreign investors into the country will be approximately $2.7 billion.

The increase in citizenship applications by foreign investors is the result of legal amendments approved on 19 September 2018

Which facilitated the way in which turkish citizenship was obtained for this category.

According to these amendments, foreigners who buy property in Turkey for at least $250,000.

They can apply for Turkish citizenship. The amendments also reduced the limit on investments eligibing investors for Turkish citizenship from $2 million to $500,000.

The amendments also reduced deposits that foreigners are required to deposit in Turkish banks to enable them to apply for citizenship, from $3 million to $500,000.

It also reduced the value of government bonds that foreign citizens can purchase so that they can apply for citizenship from $3 million to $500,000.

The amendments also reduced the number of Turkish citizens required by any foreign investor to provide employment opportunities to be able to apply for citizenship, from 100 to 50.

In addition to the investments made by these amendments, they have also moved turkey's real estate market.

According to the Turkish Institute of Statistics (Turkstat), approximately 1.35 million housing units were sold in Turkey in 2019

Foreigners bought 45,500 units, up 14.7 percent from the previous year.

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Turkish nationality by real estate

Turkish nationality by real estate

An executive regulation on the law on granting Turkish citizenship to real estate investors was recently issued. The most important thing is to reduce the conditional value of the investment, where the requirement of $250,000 instead of $1 million

The following are all the conditions and details of practical procedures in order to obtain Turkish citizenship through the property.

The new Turkish law has provided many advantages and great difficulties for obtaining Turkish citizenship, including granting citizenship for $250,000 instead of $1 million.

What is mentioned in the list are two sections for foreign real estate investors

  1. Section 1: Anyone who bought a property in the time span 12/01/2017 worth $1 million provided that it is immovable
  2. Section 2: Anyone who bought a property in or after 19/09/2018 for $250,000 and above

Some of the most important conditions of this decision are:

  • The purchase transaction must be made by banks, and no other such agreement is accepted.
  • The seller must hold Turkish citizenship, as it does not accept purchase from a foreign person
  • If the property is purchased in installments, the actual amount paid is calculated regardless of the price of the debt.
  • The value of the property must exceed $250,000 even to avoid any problems during application
  • The property purchased is not saleable for 3 years, after this period the owner has the freedom to dispose of it 

Some projects approve the conditions of Turkish citizenship

Steps to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for buying a property:

  1. The property you bought must have a tabo (title deed).
  2. Citizenship cannot be applied through sales contracts for properties under construction.
  3. Get an official real estate evaluation from one of the companies documented in the Turkish Financial Markets Department (spk).
  4. The purchase value recorded in Tabo will be calculated according to the Turkish lira rate at the Central Bank on the day of the acquisition of the tabo.
  5. Turkish citizenship can be applied through several properties owned by the investor, which achieves the total amount required for citizenship.

Personal papers required:

  • Personal birth certificate.
  • The disclaimer paper of the judgments and precedents of the investor and his wife separately.
  • A family statement document or family book.
  • Biometric selfies number 2 (up to date for the whole family).
  • Marriage document (marriage contract) if the landlord is married and wishes to submit a citizenship file with his family.

Important note:

  • All documents issued from outside Turkey must be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country from which the document is issued, and from the Turkish representative in that country (Turkish embassy or consulate).
  • If it is not possible to certify the Turkish representative in the source country of the document, it must be ratified by that country's representative in Turkey, and certified by the Governor after it has been translated and ratified by the Notre Dame.

How to apply: Apply ing through the E-Mail Service

Documents required to obtain residency before granting citizenship to investors:

  1. Residence application form.
  2. Certificate of conformity (i.e. matching the property to the specifications of the grant of nationality, and extracted from the Department of Tabo).
  3. Original passport + photo copy (the applicant must be in person).
  4. Biometric selfies number 4 (modern).
  5. Valid health insurance.

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Types of stays in Turkey


Types of accommodation in Turkey

Types of accommodation in Turkey

Types of accommodation in Turkey

6 types of stays in Turkey, all issued by the Security Department (Directorate General of Immigration Management) of the Ministry of Interior, after completing the required conditions for each type of

Turkey has come a long way in the tourism sector, becoming a kiss for millions of countries around the world, especially with its amazing nature, wonderful entertainment and opportunities for success.

However, in addition to tourism, there are other major reasons why millions of people in the region have sought refuge in Turkey.

These include escaping the wars in the Arab Spring, treatment and education, as well as work and investment.

Turkey is one of the most prominent countries that enjoy sought to be granted residence of all kinds on its territory, without any legal impediments.

Unlike many countries that restrict the conditions of residence on their territory.

More recently, Turkey has expanded government departments for the extraction of residences for foreigners, of all kinds.

Staff who speak international languages such as Arabic and English are provided to facilitate communication with applicants.

All residences are issued by the Directorate General of Immigration Management of the Ministry of Interior, after completing the required conditions for each type.


1- Tourist accommodation

The tourist accommodation is issued at the request of the applicant, by booking an appointment to go to the circle.

via her official website.

The residence is usually granted for one year, and it is required to bring the property through the lease of the house, and to translate the passport into Turkish.

The sagar passport shall be certified by the notary, 4 photographs, as well as health insurance (segurta)

The tax number obtained from the Tax Department (it takes less than half an hour to obtain).

2- Student residence

Accommodation is granted to students who come to Turkey to study at Turkish universities

The requirement for tourist accommodation, in addition to a "student proof" paper, is required to be officially certified by the university registered with it.

3- Establishing work

The establishment of work is granted to employees of Turkish companies, where the company has the permission of the Ministry of Labour to employ the foreigner for which it is intended to be employed and then requested residence.

It is required to obtain what is already described in the tourist accommodation

In addition, the company must employ five companies that have each foreign staff member.

He must obtain tourist residence before applying to the Ministry of Labour, and it takes about 40 days to extract the residence of the work.

In the event that the father or mother obtains the residence of the work, all members of the family (husband/wife/children) are entitled to residence that is the same as the working period of the accompanying person.

The establishment of humanitarian cases

This type of residency is granted to refugees in Turkey, and Syrians have the highest percentage of them.

5- Real estate

It is a renewed residence granted to foreigners who own a (immovable) property in Turkey and is granted for a full year. The wife and children are entitled to property.

A total of 22,234 houses were bought by foreigners in Turkey last year, mostly in Istanbul, where 8,182 houses were sold to foreigners, according to official statistics.

In second place was Antalya, where 4,707 of its homes were sold to foreigners last year. There were 1,474 houses, and In fourth place came Yalova with 1,000 and 79 houses.

6- Family stay

If you are married to a Turkish wife/husband, it can be applied.

The duration of the stay can be one, two or three years, depending on the application. The owner is entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship after three years.

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Life in Turkey

Real estate investmentLife in Turkey

Life in Turkey is a goal for many people around the world to start a new life, work or treatment, or even to feel comfortable after their retirement, and Turkey has progressed very rapidly socially and economically since the last decade.


In addition to its geographical location between Europe and Asia, which is unique, and its rich and diverse history, it is intended for many different civilizations, most notably Islam. Turkey is the preferred place of life for the wadin and their families, because of its comfort and social serenity. 

Real estate in Turkey

Many of the world's population comes to Turkey, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Belgium, France and the L.A. As well as many Gulf countries, due to turkey's property law, which has lifted the principle of reciprocity, foreign home buyers and investors now have the freedom to buy any property in Turkey. 

Life in Turkey

From apartments in urban centres to suburban villas, a large number of options are available while searching for a home in Turkey (learn about the most luxurious projects in Turkey) 


Its major urban areas are characterized by a more modern and integrated environment for a luxurious life, where the complexes offer luxurious accommodation with all daily amenities such as security, kindergartens, sports complexes, social facilities, parking lots, shopping malls and more.


Stay in Turkey

Foreigners wishing to work or reside in Turkey are required to apply to the relevant Turkish authorities, together with the documents required to obtain a work permit or residence permit. The methods and principles of work permits issued to foreigners who will work in Turkey vary according to the sector concerned such as education, housekeeping services, health services, tourism, aviation, entertainment, etc.


As well as with foreign direct investments, foreign direct private investment, professional services and liaison offices. At the same time, residence permits are issued to foreigners based primarily on the status of actual property ownership, the intention to operate a business or establish business relationships in Turkey.


Transport in Turkey

Turkey's transport system exploits the country's highly sophisticated infrastructure to play a very important role in life in Turkey. With more than 50 airports across the country, one can fly from one city to another in Turkey in most of less than an hour. The dual road network and extensive highways have made it very easy to reach from your home to any of Turkey's major cities. At the same time, the high-speed train network has improved rapidly in the past decade; turkey's 14 largest cities are expected to be connected to high-speed train lines by 2023, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey.


Education in Turkey

Turkey's education system has changed seriously and cautiously in the past decade. The most obvious was the compulsory education now for 12 years, as well as the dramatic increase in the number of schools and other educational institutions.


Many private and basic education schools, as well as public schools, provide educational services. Moreover, international schools are available throughout the country, where only students with foreign passports are enrolled to facilitate life in Turkey for foreigners. While schools that offer education are available in European languages such as English, German, French and Italian, there are also other institutions where languages such as Russian, Japanese and Chinese are taught.


 Health in Turkey

Turkey's healthcare system deals mainly with three different types of hospitals: government, university, and private hospitals. While social and health guarantees are naturally subject to the state, it is also possible to obtain private health insurance. Most hospitals in Turkey, both governmental and private, meet international standards in the quality of equipment and expertise, and may even outperform them.


 Cultural activities in Turkey

Cultural activities that can capture the interest of the individual in Turkey depend on individual interests and abilities. Among these are the countless possibilities: arts, hobbies, entertainment, or other recreational activities. In all major cities, one can find cinemas, theatres, concerts, ballet, opera and other kinds of cultural activities that await either participants or spectators. Local festivals and traditional forms of recreational activities are also becoming increasingly popular among the population.


The rich geography and appropriate terrain of Turkey have made it an ideal place for alternative sports such as mountaineering, golf, diving, canoeing, skiing and yachting. Of course, popular and popular sports, such as football, basketball and volleyball, have a large number of players and fans all over the country.


How to Get Citizenship in Turkey | Turkish Citizenship Requirements

There are thousands of foreigners who want to obtain citizenship in Turkey every year. Like in every country, there are certain requirements needed to apply for citizenship in Turkey. There are few different ways to get a citizenship in Turkey in various situations.

– Fast Citizenship by purchasing a Million Dolar property: (Update:14.01.2017) According to the new citizenship law, foreigners may obtain investment citizenship in Turkey as the fastest way without any waiting time. If a foreigner buy 1.000.000 USD valued property and promise to keep it in his/her hand for 3 years, you get directly Turkish Citizenship with first degree family members.

– Owning a property: If you buy a property in Turkey, you get yearly renewed residence permit once you keep the property on your name. After 5 year renewed residence permit, you may apply for citizenship. The main condition is; you need to stay 185 days in Turkey in each calendar year. There is not any property value restriction.

– Turkish citizenship by birth: The easiest way to get a citizenship is to be born in family with Turkish mother and Turkish father.

– Getting citizenship by decision of competent authority: The consent of a competent authority is required for a foreigner to get a Turkish citizenship. Even if foreigners comply with all the conditions, they will not be able to earn citizenship if the Turkish authorities do not approve. One of the conditions of getting a Turkish citizenship is to live in Turkey for 5 years with residence permit. Easiest way to get a residence permit and to extend it yearly after working permit or marriage is ‘to buy a property in Turkey‘. These types of applications can be done by mail or individually. The Council of Ministers is the main decision maker in deciding who will be given the citizenship. The acquisition of Turkish citizenship shall not affect the spouse’s citizenship. After the applicant receives the Turkish citizenship the custody of the child can be passed on the other spouse with their consent. In case of a lack of consent the custody of the child will be decided according to the decision of the judge where mother/father habitual residence is. If the mother and father receive Turkish citizenship together, the children will be automatically accepted as citizens as well.

– When you look at all these conditions in general, the easiest way to gain citizenship in Turkey is to own a real estate and receive residence visa to stay for 5 years. Buying property in Turkey is one of the best way for appliying visa requirements. Your visa can be renewed every year when you own a real estate in Turkey. In this way, you will have an investment and you will easily be able to have a residence permit. Another advantage of this way is to have the residence permit with your whole family.

– The restoration of Turkish citizenship: Those who have lost their Turkish citizenship one or another way you can re-apply to be a Turkish citizen. There is a section concerning those who have lost their Turkish citizenship because of the political and economic reasons.

– Citizenship in Turkey by marriage: The most known and easiest way is to get marry with a Turkish citizen and get a Turkish citizenship. But marriage with Turkish citizen is not giving a citizenship directly – only after 3 years of marriage foreigner can apply for a citizenship with following conditions;

a) Couple needs to live together,
b) Keep away from behaviors that will damage the marital union,
c) Should be no threat to the national security and public order.

– Getting Turkish citizenship with exceptional circumstances: There other exeptions for the people who can get a Turkish citizenship. For example: bringing Turkey into industrial plants or scientific, technological, economic, social, sporting, cultural and artistic area of outstanding service to the people sooner or later will be considered and reasoned proposal made in the ministries rights.

– “Entrepreneurs democracy and citizenship in Turkey by investment. Another way to do this is to make commercial investments in Turkey and open a business with working places. Entrepreneurs should get work permission.

– The person to be deemed essential to citizenship.

– Persons accepted as immigrants.

Qualifications of Turkish Citizenship

A foreign national may apply for nationalization if he or she meets all of the following conditions;

1) Applicant should be in the age of majority or can apply through his legal elders.
2) Have been resident in Turkey for five years without interruption.
3) Applicant should have proving documents of residence purpose in Turkey; you may check below purposes:

– Acquire have property in Turkey
– Establish a business in Turkey
– Invest in Turkey
– Moving to Turkey for commercial activities or businesses
– Working in Turkey with work permit
– Marry a Turkish citizen
– Be a close relative to a person who had previously obtained a Turkish citizenship
– Having completed education in Turkey

4) Having a disease constituting an obstacle in respect of public health
5) Be a responsible, reliable person
6) Be able to speak a sufficient level of Turkish
7) Have income or profession to provide for maintenance for himself/herself and his/her dependants in Turkey
8) Have a respect to national security and public order

The files will be examined and you will have an interview. If the commission approves your application, send the file to the Ministry of the Interior. The decision of citizenship acquisition is given by the ministry. If decision negative, the file sent to the governor.

Required Documents for Turkish Citizenship Application

Requirements of citizenship in Turkey for application:

– Original of the passport or other documents certifying citizenship of applicant. Or if the applicant is stateless, documents certifying applicant’s statelessness.
– Birth certificate
– Residence permit
– Documents confirming first time getting ti Turkey, how many time getting out of Turkey and all time living in Turkey. (stamp in passport, residence permit original and photocopy)
– If married, the official documents confirming the identities and family ties of the spouse and all underage children. (marriage license, birth certificate for children’s)
– If you have any Turkish relatives – copy of the Turkish id and address in Turkey.
– Conformation of income
– Certification of applicant’s ability to speak Turkish (a certificate will be issued by Turkish consular section upon a successful interview of the applicant)
– 4 photographs taken in last 1 month

Frequently Asked Questions about Turkish Citizenship

Question: How to apply for citizenship in Turkey?
Answer: The acquisition of Turkish citizenship applications can be done by applying for citizenship in Turkey to the governorship of the place of residence in the country or to the foreign affairs office in abroad which can only be done by applying in person or with the special power of attorney. Applications made by mail are not accepted according to the citizenship in Turkey policy.

Q: How can I get Turkish citizenship directly?
A: If you buy property / properties 1 million USD worth with a condition that you will keep it on your behalf for 3 years, you and your first degree family gets Turkish citizenship directly. This is the fastest way! Read the news.

Q: How do I learn in which stage is my application process after I submit my application of Turkish Citizenship?
A: You can get information about your latest situation from Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior official website by entering your file number or identity information.

Q: Can I get information about the Turkish citizenship number of foreigners?
A: The identity card given to foreigners in the Republic of Turkey is 11 digits and starts with number 9.

Q: How long does the process of acquiring citizenship take?
A: The process is within a reasonable time if all the required documents are complete for the citizenship application. Otherwise, the time varies if there is any missing information.

Q: Is it possible to gain Turkish citizenship depending on the mother or father?
A: According to Article 1 of the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 403 Turkish citizens born from the mother or father have the right to acquire Turkish citizenship.

Q: My Turkish Citizenship application was rejected can I re-apply?
A: Under the terms and conditions of Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901, you can re-apply to the governorship of your place of residence again.

Q: Is it possible to keep Turkish citizenship while retaining the citizenship of another foreign state?
A: Yes, if you fulfill the required conditions for another foreign state citizenship, you can still maintain your Turkish citizenship as well.

Q: Is it possible to get a Turkish citizenship by getting married to a Turkish citizen?
A: After 3 years of marriage to Turkish citizen and while living in Turkey you can apply for a Turkish citizenship.

Q: To get a Turkish citizenship for how long I should live in Turkey? In this period for how long I can be outside of Turkey?
A: Uninterrupted residence is defined in the article 11 of the Act 5901. Accordingly “an alien who applies for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship should live in Turkey for 5 years and may stay abroad without exceeding six months within the residence period required for the application. Each calendar year you have to stay in Turkey for 185 days.

Q: Where I can get my residence permit?
A: You can get a residence permit from the provincial police headquarters or Police Headquarters.