Turkish nationality by real estate

Turkish nationality by real estate

An executive regulation on the law on granting Turkish citizenship to real estate investors was recently issued. The most important thing is to reduce the conditional value of the investment, where the requirement of $250,000 instead of $1 million

The following are all the conditions and details of practical procedures in order to obtain Turkish citizenship through the property.

The new Turkish law has provided many advantages and great difficulties for obtaining Turkish citizenship, including granting citizenship for $250,000 instead of $1 million.

What is mentioned in the list are two sections for foreign real estate investors

  1. Section 1: Anyone who bought a property in the time span 12/01/2017 worth $1 million provided that it is immovable
  2. Section 2: Anyone who bought a property in or after 19/09/2018 for $250,000 and above

Some of the most important conditions of this decision are:

  • The purchase transaction must be made by banks, and no other such agreement is accepted.
  • The seller must hold Turkish citizenship, as it does not accept purchase from a foreign person
  • If the property is purchased in installments, the actual amount paid is calculated regardless of the price of the debt.
  • The value of the property must exceed $250,000 even to avoid any problems during application
  • The property purchased is not saleable for 3 years, after this period the owner has the freedom to dispose of it 

Some projects approve the conditions of Turkish citizenship

Steps to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for buying a property:

  1. The property you bought must have a tabo (title deed).
  2. Citizenship cannot be applied through sales contracts for properties under construction.
  3. Get an official real estate evaluation from one of the companies documented in the Turkish Financial Markets Department (spk).
  4. The purchase value recorded in Tabo will be calculated according to the Turkish lira rate at the Central Bank on the day of the acquisition of the tabo.
  5. Turkish citizenship can be applied through several properties owned by the investor, which achieves the total amount required for citizenship.

Personal papers required:

  • Personal birth certificate.
  • The disclaimer paper of the judgments and precedents of the investor and his wife separately.
  • A family statement document or family book.
  • Biometric selfies number 2 (up to date for the whole family).
  • Marriage document (marriage contract) if the landlord is married and wishes to submit a citizenship file with his family.

Important note:

  • All documents issued from outside Turkey must be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country from which the document is issued, and from the Turkish representative in that country (Turkish embassy or consulate).
  • If it is not possible to certify the Turkish representative in the source country of the document, it must be ratified by that country's representative in Turkey, and certified by the Governor after it has been translated and ratified by the Notre Dame.

How to apply: Apply ing through the E-Mail Service

Documents required to obtain residency before granting citizenship to investors:

  1. Residence application form.
  2. Certificate of conformity (i.e. matching the property to the specifications of the grant of nationality, and extracted from the Department of Tabo).
  3. Original passport + photo copy (the applicant must be in person).
  4. Biometric selfies number 4 (modern).
  5. Valid health insurance.

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