DX65 2.099.000 ₺


2.099.000 ₺

Apartments match the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship Apartments are identical to the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship. In this project, which is considered the first urban renewal project in Turkey, it is implemented through a partnership between the public and private sectors through which historical values ​​are preserved very seriously. The project is suitable … Continue reading “DX65”

KG66 1.049.000 ₺


1.049.000 ₺

Apartments designed by the largest engineering offices in the world A new project designed by the largest international architecture offices is coming to Istanbul’s largest residential neighborhood in Bahçelievler, known for its unique culture and lifestyle. Although it is located in the heart of the city, its picturesque green gardens are an ideal place for … Continue reading “KG66”

U7H5 824.000 ₺


824.000 ₺

definition In the heart of Istanbul, in the center of life, the project rises to the side of Ataturk Airport to adopt a project that secures exemplary living where your home, office, happiness and all your expectations come together. The project is preparing to bring new and lasting value to Istanbul … everything is one … Continue reading “U7H5”

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