Esenyurt is the best selling residential unit

Esenyurt is the best selling residential unit

Esenyurt, to the west of Istanbul, Turkey, ranked first in the best-selling home areas, with an estimated size of 33,194 homes in 2019.

And the newspaper “Hyperlar”, which carried the news, said that Esenyurt is inhabited by about 955 thousand people, a large proportion of whom are Arabs.

And Cankaya Province in the Turkish capital Ankara after Esenyurt was ranked 21,120 housing units.

As it ranked third in the Kegiorn district in the capital, Ankara, at a rate of 20,526 housing units

Then Antalya Kepez with 19,880 housing units

The report pointed out that the list of regions that sold the largest number of houses, included 7 districts from Ankara. 4

From Istanbul, 3 from Antalya, 2 from Gaziantep, one area from Bursa, Konya, Eskisehir and Kayseri.

Source: Hippler

The residential units are available in the Esenyurt S67D


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