The Russians are among the most popular property in Turkey

الروسيين أكثر الجنسيات اقبالا على شراء العقار في تركيا

The Russians are among the most popular property in Turkey

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, the Russians are among the top five foreign nationals who buy Turkish real estate in 2019

2,893 housing units were sold to Russian buyers among at least 45,500 homes and apartments sold to foreigners last year.

Experts attribute the increase in investment to the depreciation of the Turkish lira, which allowed many of them the opportunity to purchase Turkish real estate.

Where the real estate expert Anastasia Valley said

Al-Monitor’s website: “The Russians are choosing properties near the sea, which cost less than $ 1,000 per square meter.

And in exchange for this money, they get a high-quality housing unit in a complex that includes a swimming pool, gyms, and children’s playgrounds.

She added that “the new buildings in Turkey are completely different from their counterparts in Russia, because of its amenities.

Moreover, the accounts of housing, taxes, cost of living and leisure in Turkey are relatively low compared to Russia. ”

The climate of Turkey is very appropriate

One of the most important factors that attract Russians, the warm climate in Turkey, which runs until November, is why it makes sense for some to decide to buy real estate.

Moreover, Russians can travel to Turkey without a visa, and low-cost flights are always available from many Russian cities.

Russians are the most nationalities of tourism to Turkey

Turkey is the first destination for Russian tourists. In January last year, during the visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Moscow, Turkey and Russia declared 2019 as the “Year of Tourism” to increase the number of Russian visitors to Turkey and Turkish visitors to Russia.

This goal was easily reached.

According to Turkish media, Turkey attracted a record number of tourists in 2019, with more than 51 million foreigners visited, and Russia ranked first in the number of tourists with more than 7 million.

According to Al-Monitor, Russian buyers prefer homes and apartments in Antalya and Alanya, on the Mediterranean coast.

In contrast, Russian buyers are not interested in major cities, such as Istanbul or Bursa, where many foreign buyers buy real estate.

According to real estate expert Vale, “The typical Russian buyer is 35-50 years old. As a rule, Russian customers come from large Russian cities, and aim to buy housing in Turkey to stay in the summer, as they plan to spend a long vacation with children and other relatives. ”

Igor and Elena are a Russian couple

Igor and Elena, both in their early thirties, moved to Turkey from Moscow last year.

Both work in information technology and plan to find permanent jobs in Turkey in the future.

“We rented a four-room apartment in Alanya at the moment, but we are considering buying our own apartment or even a house next year,” the couple said.

“Turkey is a beautiful country with an ideal warm climate, delicious food, and fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the year,” they said.

Many Russians are buying apartments in Turkish resort areas for investment purposes, with plans to resell properties in the future.

However, according to expert Vali, “investment transactions are rare, because integrated tourism has been largely developed in Turkey

It is difficult for private sector owners to compete with hotels. ”

One of the reasons why Russians invest in Turkish real estate is the new rules for obtaining Turkish citizenship

Many Russian businessmen want to get Turkish passports.

Polina Kolesova, director of public relations for a real estate investment company, says

Turkish citizenship provides two important advantages: visa-free entry to Japan and Singapore, and the possibility of obtaining an American investor visa of the E-2 category.

Which in turn may lead to American citizenship.

Real estate experts say that buying real estate in Turkey was popular with the Russians.

But after the crisis in the relations between the two countries in November 2015, many Russians stopped buying homes. Currently, with the normalization of relations between Russia and Turkey, more Russians are choosing Turkey.

However, the political tension between the two countries, especially with regard to Idlib

It makes Russian investors wonder if they are making the right choice and whether they can access their properties in the event of escalating political tensions.

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