Corona virus causes Turkey to double production of masks

فيروس الكورونا يدفع تركيا لمضاعفة انتاج الكمامات

Corona virus causes Turkey to double production of masks

Corona virus causes Turkey to double the production of masks, this is what Turkish companies that manufactured this substance have resorted to, doubling its production significantly.

To meet China’s growing needs for this product, following the new Corona virus.

China, as the largest producer of muzzles around the world, has recently suffered from a severe shortage, due to increased demand following the emergence of “Corona”

Some companies stopped manufacturing it, which prompted it to meet this need through Turkish companies.

Speaking to Anatolia, Metin Demir, Chairman of the Administrative Council of the Union of Health Industries in Turkey, said that his country has 10 companies specialized in manufacturing masks, including 5 major.

He explained that the average monthly production of Turkish companies from gags, in normal conditions, was 10 million masks

However, it was forced to raise this number to 30 million muzzle per month, to meet Chinese demand.

He pointed out that despite the increase in production, companies are facing difficulty in meeting demand.

The virus appeared in China, for the first time on December 12, 2019, in Wuhan (central).

However, Beijing officially unveiled it in mid-January

The World Health Organization announced, earlier, the state of emergency on an international scale to confront the outbreak of the virus, which later spread to several countries, causing a state of anxiety that prevailed in the world.

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