Investment in Istanbul

Importance of Istanbul

Istanbul is not only the heart of Turkey but is one of the most important cities in terms of many aspects from cultural to economic in the world. While having many historical structures which come to these days by the inheritance of Byzantine and Ottoman times, Istanbul also appeals to everyone with its modern texture.

Moreover, being the only city that ınterconnects the two Bosporus, Istanbul is considered as the best location in the world by many worldwide trip advisors. Nowadays, via many projects that will enrich the city including third airport which will be named as Yavuz Sultan Selim- one of the legendary Sultans of the Ottoman Empire and will be the biggest airport in Europe and Kanal Istanbul which will open new ways for the Bosporus traffic, Istanbul has become the most significant candidate to be the best in the world.

Due to the reasons above, local and foreign investors mostly prefer Istanbul. However, although the city has many beauties, essential researches, which are a must for every investors who are determined to make an investment in any location, certainly have to be fulfilled for a sound investment in Istanbul as in any other locations

However, because the newly-emerging districts are both profitable and at the same time risky for an investment, investors should receive professional support from experts who are well-informed about the locations that investors want to invest in. Otherwise, some companies may mislead investors for their own various interests.

The city’s growing economy

As one of the biggest metropolis in the world, Istanbul’s annually contribution to the state is the %40 of the state budget. While being the supreme economic resource for the country, the city is also ray of hope for the global economy that has been experiencing extreme stagnation for a few years. Thus, foreign ınvestors have been following closely the developments in the city.


Istanbul: The center of commerce

Hosting the headquarters of all privately owned and state banks, Istanbul has become a location like Wall Street that is both economic and trade center in Turkey. Besides being the most important city in the Turkish industry, Istanbul is also a commercial center that constitutes Turkey’s 46% of the total export and 40% of the total import figures.

Istanbul became the Europan capital of culture

Turkey has 153 museums and about 2,400,000 art pieces within its borders and 14 of these museums and 34% of the art pieces are found in Istanbul. Istanbul is the focus of various foreign tourists’ interest including such as Europeans, Arabs, Balkans, etc. Blue Mosque, the Galata Tower, Hagia Sophia, the Maiden’s Tower, Topkapı Palace are the most famous ones of other numerous touristic places in the city.

The third airport will be the biggest in the world

Istanbul is simply peerless in the air transport industry in the world. Over the last decades, the Turkish Airlines has become the biggest airline company in the global transportation. The city has two mega international airports: Istanbul Ataturk Airport in the European side and the Sabiha Gökçen Airport in the Anatolian side. In addition to these mega airports that provide comfortable transportations for millions of foreign and domestic passengers per year, the third airport which is going to be the biggest international airport in the world, is in on the way. Wıth the completion of this international airport in the near future.

Here are some clues for a sound investment in Istanbul

Istanbul is a transcontinental city that interconnects Europe and Asia. The city’s European side can be separated into 3 main parts such as historical districts (Suriçi, Taksim, Aksaray etc.), middle class districts (Bayrampaşa, Gaziosmanpaşa, Merter etc.) and lastly the newly emerging districts (Beylikdüzü, Esenyurt, Başakşehir and Ispartakule which are increasing %20 in values ever year). We usually advise the third part districts to our investors for a sound investment in Istanbul.

What Istanbul Royal Estate does within this period?

We, as Istanbul Royal Estate, are here and ready to help you, our investors through providing services that explain where/how to invest in Istanbul and through preparing reports which will enable them to easily fulfill their investment.

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