Istanbul Property Management

Istanbul Royal Estate, with its good infrastructures and energetic personals, is ready to provide the Istanbul property management services to the investors who are planning to invest in Turkey’s heart, Istanbul which has been growing day by day and has become the most favorite city in the eyes of the investors for decades

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To clarify the Istanbul property management and to tell the benefits of it for investors, it will be very useful to reveal the difference between the property management and property sales. At the present time, when it comes to investment, only property sales come to our minds. However, what we must follow for a sound investment is to make the essential researches about our investments. Here, the property management is a section to provide this service to the investors.

Istanbul property management

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The Difference Between Property Sales And Property Management

While property sales means selling the property to the customers following the property, which is provided by a real estate agent, through finding them via either its advertisements or its own connections, Istanbul property management starts in the early phase when the investment is thought and then continues until the moment that selling is recognized. In other words, property management is the cornerstone in reaching the phase of selling.

Property management performs as a useful guide for concerned investors. We, as Istanbul Royal Estate, provide the essential Istanbul property management services to investors who are planning to invest in Istanbul and to make this investment in the best and most advantageous way. You can find the services below;

  • Market surveys
  • Location surveys: estate surveys
  • Estate developing surveys
  • Sales structure during construction
  • Defining rent prices according to the project
  • Wholesale or association in already or continuing constructions
  • Sales surveys about the second hand of the project

Well, What We Gain From These Services?

Thanks to the services above and the reports, prepared about them, which are offered to the investors, investors make the sound investment, find the answers about possible questions which might occur before and about its investment and also enjoy the confidence of its operations which will be conducted by us.