“A city that as you live you discover, as you discover you fall in love…”

History of Istanbul

Ancient Istanbul is not only a historical city but also a modern one. It is evident that the history of the city dates back 8500 years after the discovery of the Yenikapi Theodosius Harbor from the Neolithic age. With this, Istanbul has entered a new era with cultural, artistic, geological transformation and the city’s archeology.

The Greeks in 700 B.C. Byzantium established the city in what is modern day Istanbul. The city named Constantinople became the capital of the Roman and East Roman empire. After the Ottoman Empire conquered the city in 1453 the public started calling the city “Istanbul”.

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Today, even though Istanbul is no longer the capital city, it is the country’s largest and fastest developing city. With its geographical location in the Bosporus, Istanbul is a natural bridge between Europe and Asia. The topography of the city with the Bosporus and the Golden Horn makes it one of the most important symbols of the city’s silhouette.

Istanbul’s history and accordingly its culture can be seen through its architecture. The city’s architecture brings the West and East together. The city includes ancient ruins from the Roman era with the likes of a coliseum and the Column of Constantine (Cemberlitas). Separately, the Galata Tower which was passed down by the Genovese takes place in the city. On the other side, what complete the city are the Byzantine and Ottoman structures. The most eye catching Byzantine structure by far is Hagia Sophia, which has withstood the test of time for over 1500 years making it one of the world’s most important monuments. Today, HagiaSophia is open for visit as a museum. As for the Ottoman structures, for centuries the Ottoman sultan’s used the Topkapi Palace as a residence and a control center, the Sultanahmet Mosque, Suleymaniye Mosque, the world renowned Grand Bazaar and the Egyptian Bazaar all give the city its distinct identity. The international importance of these cultural sites in Istanbul has been recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage List.


The Outstanding Universal Value of Istanbul resides in its unique integration of architectural masterpieces that reflect the meeting of Europe and Asia over many centuries, and in its incomparable skyline formed by the creative genius of Byzantine and Ottoman architects.

Districts of Istanbul


The town of Avcilar brings a large amount of activity to the area being located right by the E-5 highway. Istanbul University is located here in this town on the London Asphalt field. The town’s population is growing at a rapid pace and the construction sector is the strongest in the area. Istanbul University’s presence in the town brings liveliness to the social life of the town.


Bagcilar is located on the European side of Istanbul while being in the center line of Europe-Asia. Its location is along the most important road, the TEM Highway stretching from the province of Edirne to the capital city Ankara.


The town of Bahcelievler shares borders with Bakirkoy to the south, Kucukcekmece to the west, Bagcilar to the north and Gungoren to the east.

It is the most suitable town for development because of its location near the historic peninsula and the Ataturk Airport. Over time many places for entertainment, new cultural fields, cinemas, theatres, and universities have been established in the area. Today, Bahcelievler is owner to the least number of slums in all of Istanbul. The real estate sector is currently booming in the town as seen by all of the new construction projects that can be openly seen.


Bakirkoy sits along the coast of the Sea of Marmara, despite the head spinning speed of urbanization it has not lost its natural beauty and is one of the few places in Istanbul to do so. Florya, Yesilkoy, Yesilyurt and Atakoy beaches are right underneath your feet. Places to eat, wine and dine are all but a walk away in this beautiful town. Brand new real estate projects are all in sight. Bakirkoy is home to the best transportation whether it is air, land or sea. It has potential to be a tourist attraction with its location near the Ataturk Airport, its five star hotels and its huge shopping malls.


Buyukcekmece is a town that has solved the issues of settlement, zoning, infrastructure, and environment and has aligned itself with the 21st century.
With its many summer houses the real estate in the town is in high demand today. The distinct quality of this town is seen with the many beautiful residences, the trade, and industrial, artistic and cultural aspects of the booming area. Buyukcekmece is one of the few towns in Istanbul that has solved the problem of slums.


Basaksehir is one of the newer towns in Istanbul. The area known as ‘Ispartakule’ in the town is now booming with major real estate projects all throughout. This same area will be at the center of the Canal Istanbul project making the real estate highly valuable in the area. This is an indicator of the major growth and development that is being expected sooner rather than later.

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