• property for sale Florya

    Property for sale in Florya

    Florya is a district of Istanbul where investors could experience the quality of luxury lifestyle. Particularly, in Florya that is one of the rising stars in Istanbul, the new luxury housing projects are in demand.

  • Property for sale in Didim

    Property for sale in Didim, Aydin, Turkey

    Didim is a resort small town in Turkey’s Aydın city in the Aegean region. The popular holiday area is favorite for foreign tourists. The district’s warm air, beautiful beaches and gorgeous seas draw much attention by the tourists.

  • Cheap property for sale in Istanbul

    Istanbul Royal Estate provides great consultancy for those who want invest in these districts that offer cheap property for sale in Istanbul for the investors.

  • Apartments for sale in Istanbul Bakirkoy

    Apartments for sale in Istanbul Bakirkoy

    Bakirkoy is one of the best provinces in İstanbul. It has many beauties and malls around. So the purchasing property in Bakirkoy looks like a great idea to double your money.

  • investing in istanbul

    You need to know about investing in Istanbul

    But if you live in the most beautiful city in Turkey, İstanbul, you need to investing in Istanbul property if you want to earn money easily.

  • Property for sale in ordu

    Property for sale in Ordu

    Istanbul Royal Estate is in Ordu as in other cities of Turkey to help the investors that want to make a sound investment in the region. We can help you finding property for sale in Ordu. Finally, Istanbul Royal Estate recommends its investors to invest or also live in the beautiful city.

  • Property for sale in Yalova

    Istanbul Royal Estate provides essential reports about property sales in Yalova for its investors who are interested in both living in green and benefiting from the facilities that such a developed city offers.

  • Property for sale in Bursa

    In recent years, Istanbul Royal Estate has given a start for many projects in Bursa, including collective investments, individual investments or villas. While providing services for the investors such as preparing essential reports to ease the bureaucratic process while buying any properties

  • Property for sale in Trabzon

    Investors that want to live their rest of lives in wooden houses located in quite green forests in the mountains of the Black Sea region in Turkey, Istanbul Royal Estate recommends them to choose living in this ancient city of Trabzon and has a professional expert team that are ready to answers the investors’ questions about property sales and rents in the city. We can help you for finding property for sale in Trabzon.

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  • Property for sale in Fatih Of Istanbul

    Visitors mostly Arabs that come and see the district Fatih love to live in this historic place. Istanbul Royal Estate are conducting works on property for sale in Fatih to help its investors who want to live his rest of life in the legendary city.

  • Top 10 Street Food Istanbul Has to Offer

    Sometimes a luxurious restaurant won’t just beat the ready-to-eat food sold by a street vendor. Here are the best 10 street food Istanbul has to offer…

    1- Döner, also known as gyro, or shawarma, is one of the most popular choices especially for students as it is sold at relatively affordable prices and has a good taste. You can find one of the best döner Istanbul has to offer at Karadeniz Dönercisi in Beşiktaş district.


  • Top 10 Destinations in Turkey to Visit Before You Die

    Top 10 Destinations in Turkey to Visit Before You Die

    When it comes to tourism, Turkey has a great potential. Here are top 10 must-see destinations to visit in the country…

    1- The only place where you can have fun in chaos and smell the fresh air of the Bosporus: Istanbul
    A city that you complain about every day; still knowing that you possibly couldn’t live anywhere else.


  • Asia is in focus of Turkey’s foreign investment hunter

    Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey (ISPAT) head Arda Ermut claimed that the foreign investors’ perception toward stability following the general elections has not changed. Ermut said that they are currently watching 191 projects, totaling $17.3 billion of investment volume, and the largest project under surveillance is about $1.2 billion in size. Answering questions at the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA) World Investment Conference held in Milan, Ermut said that Turkey has seen a 1.5 percent increase in foreign direct investment (FDI) while global markets experienced an 8 percent decline in FDI. Ermut said that the FDI for the first quarter of 2015 was $4.03 billion and they were aiming for a similar level of performance in 2014. Ermut also said that they are to announce three or four projects during the year.Prioritizing Asia


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