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As Istanbul Royal Estate, we provide property opportunities to buyers with global standards. Naturally, there are too many property opportunities in the world. However, what makes us different is that we identify the best opportunities for your needs and assist you in making a satisfactory investment with global real estate standards.

We know that the most important feature of global real estate is to create trust. Thus, we create this trust by providing a straightforward and transparent buying process at every step. We eliminate all risks of the buying process for you by providing services of title deed clearance, title insurance, closing with the lawyer. All money is protected in the escrow account until the transaction is finalized.

Before your investments

  • Evaluation of your estate in terms of location, landscaping, facilities, amenities etc.
  • Legal and technical check of both the developer and the property
  • Evaluation of real estate investments: prospective developments of the area, risk tolerance, capital gain, rent income, performance benchmarks

During your investments

  • Portfolio efficiency
  • Investment guidelines
  • Legal counseling
  • Obtaining a tax number
  • Financing: we are able to get a mortgage for foreigners
  • Opening a bank account on your behalf in your absence
  • Title deed clearance
  • Title deed insurance
  • Transferring of all necessary title deeds
  • Closings done with the lawyer
  • Escrow account management

After your investments

  • After sales services
  • Rental management
  • Resale
  • Tax management
  • Property management

Please check concierge services.

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