Property for sale in Yalova

Property for sale in Yalova are quite reasonable to afford. While having easy transportation to the mega city of Istanbul, investors can experience the quality of life in this city.

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Istanbul Royal Estate provides essential reports about property sales in Yalova for its investors who are interested in both living in green and benefiting from the facilities that such a developed city offers.

Yalova Real Estate

Because of the closeness to Istanbul and the nature of beauty, Yalova is one of the most favorite cities in Turkey. The green city is real estate sector’s focus of interest. According to square meter and its sight, prices for sales might be between 3,000 and 6,000 TL. Due to the fact that its ground is not so durable, villas and short buildings are preferred to be built.

Yalova: Nature of beauty

Yalova, located in the southeast of the Marmara region, is the smallest city of Turkey and is one of the most gorgeous resort city with its longest beach, 105 kilometers, in the country. With its nature of beauty, lovely beaches and famous Turkish baths, the city has always been a good residential area.

Healing sparkling water of Yalova

Healing hot natural sparkling water that exists around the city area has always been a favorite for domestic and foreign tourists. Facilities that were established and developed near this natural healing water have a great role in the development and representation of the city.

Yalova has fertile and fruitful plain and plateaus such as Cıinarcik, Gokcedere, Kirazli, Kilickoy and Taskopru. These plains and plateaus provide the city a great fresh air full of oxygen and also they provide the residents to grow and trade fruit and vegetables with the streams that flow around them.

Southeastern Yalova is full of forests including oak, chestnut, linden and many various trees. The green geography also provides the essential wood need of not only the city but also the majority of the region.

From Istanbul to Yalova

Besides all opportunities and beauties above, the city of Yalova is a location that investors have been visiting mostly due to its closeness to Istanbul. There is a marine transportation between the two cities on the Marmara Sea. The transportation, which is provided with huge ferryboats that both carry people and vehicles, lasts 50 min. and has a quite affordable price. Additionally, the Osman Gazi Bridge that is being built at the Gulf of İzmit on the Marmara Sea will be an extra option road for people that travel from Istanbul to Yalova. The bridge that will shorten the distances between the two cities will also be the fourth biggest suspension bridge in the world.

Property for sale in Yalova

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