Property for sale in Florya

Florya is a district of Istanbul where investors could experience the quality of luxury lifestyle. Particularly, in Florya that is one of the rising stars in Istanbul, the new luxury housing projects are in demand.

Florya is among the districts that have longest coastline in Turkey’s Istanbul. On this coastline in Florya, there are many luxury shopping centers, malls, restaurants and a marina. The ınvestors, who desire the quality of life in Istanbul, prefer this place. The district that is both close to the city center and has the nature of beauty with the coastline continues to increase in value with the new high-class housing projects.

Why to invest in Istanbul’s Florya

Investing in Florya, which is developing day by day in rich property for sale, means you are investing not only for today but also for future at the same time. An investor, that decides to invest in this promising area, should first receive a consultancy service help from a professional company that is capable of analyzing the district in terms of real estate sector. Located in a coastline of the Marmara Sea, the district offers an excellent transportation to the city centers. Either using public transportation or private cars on E5 Highway, people have easy and good access to reach anywhere in the city of Istanbul.

As mentioned above, Florya is a place that luxury houses in general are available to live. Istanbul Royal Estate focuses on the new luxury housing projects to help its investors who look for a reliable property for sale in Florya.

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