Property viewings

Purchasing property in Turkey has become more popular with holiday home owners and investors from around the globe. Several factors have contributed to the popularity and the trend displayed by foreign purchases and have had important repercussions within Turkey. The issue is especially notable given Turkey’s potential EU membership and the related economic integration processes.

During our first meeting we need to confirm and understand what property viewings are right for you. Your Istanbul Royal Estate agent will outline the procedure of buying a property in Turkey and also inform you about our services during and after the sales process. We’ll create with you a ‘viewing pack’ containing property brochures, floor plans, price lists and other relevant property information. We will visit each property and organize an ‘on site meeting’ with the developer/vendor to answer any questions you may have. Following each viewing feel free to ask more detailed questions or simply just let us know your thoughts. The agent is there to help you so please draw on their experience and knowledge to make an informed choice.

Getting it right involves the; right advice and right advisor, at the right time! Welcome to the right team Istanbul Royal Estate!

Steps in process

The citizens of 183 nations can own property in Turkey. Recent amendments to Turkish law now allow investors from many nationalities to purchase real estate in Turkey. Previously, foreign investors could only purchase real estate in Turkey if their own country allowed Turkish citizens to purchase real estate there. Now, almost all foreigners can buy property with ease just like the domestic buyers. 
Since January 2008, foreign investors are also able to apply for a mortgage within Turkey. The revision in existing laws aims to encourage foreign investment, replacing the previous barrier whereby investors had to finance their Turkish real estate through cash purchases or mortgages arranged within their native country.
The process of buying a property in Turkey is remarkably straightforward and, after all decisions have been finalized, the transaction can be completed in a few hours for domestic buyers. Almost all foreigners can buy property with ease just like the domestic buyers. Istanbul Royal Estate can help in all aspects of the buying procedure and all the legal documentation required.
All overseas nationals are subject to a clearance by the Turkish military authorities before being allowed to proceed with any purchase. This is to establish that the land/property is not in a militarily sensitive area, and that the individual is considered as suitable to own real estate in Turkey. Designation of land suitable for overseas purchasers is expected to be determined at a later stage by land registry offices, based on information supplied by the military.